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I’m guessing you are here for the same reason I have decided to create this website….



You have planned your financial goals (if so), but for some reason you are not seeing any changes in your life. You are doing everything you can to achieve success. Are you a business owner, who needs to learn how to improve your business and make the best out of your business? Maybe you are someone like me, who just wants to run their own business & be successful.

Creatures of Habit

We are creatures of habit and tend to do what’s “routine” in our daily lives. We stay in our comfort zone because it’s “routine” for us, we confined ourself. We need to train our sub-conscious mind to act differently if we want to succeed. We give up easily because we “know that’s not going to work”. We close our doors before even begining our journey. We are raised to have a 9-5 job and are made to believe if we “work hard” we can accomplish the American dream. Our school systems don’t teach us how to be successful in life. We complain, we cry, we envy the Trumps, the Bill Gates and the Warren Buffets. The difference between them and us lyes on one simple solution. You probably already know the solution, but you have not exercised it enough to excell. The  “the ability to take action” and follow through until success if achieved is key.




Success is the ability to accomplish what you have plan to determine to accomplish. Whether you are a mother taking care of your kids, you have succeed in raising your children, someone who’s a school teacher, a college graduate, people who were determine to become who they are today is success. Success comes in all colors, shape and sizes. You determine success by your daily action. Successful people are successful because they do not give up when they fail. They see failure as a stepping stone to accomplish what they love.  If you have a desire and passion, failure is not an option.  Your desire is greater than the average person who just wants to make money.  Having a goal in mind and a sense of direction will inspire you to easily jump over any huddles and follow your desire. 


Churchill (2)

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Motivate yourself to better yourself,  to be your own boss, to be spiritually sounded, or whatever it is, you will need to create an obtainable goal (short and long term).  Create your daily action to accomplish your goals and educate yourself as you go along, knowledge is power. Focus without losing that enthusiasm in life even if you have failed before.

So ask yourself

What are your daily accomplishment for success? Do you need to change your daily routine?  Maybe risk a little bit more?




We are influenced by our peers and life experiences and learn by “trial and error”. Our “trail and error” are our path to success. In order to succeed, we must  not be afraid to fail.




A negative mind builds clutter and affects your focus on accomplishing your true desire.. it’s like driving a car wih no direction. 



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4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I really like this page and the quotations from those famous people are great to read. I hope you are going to put more (quotations) up and expand this page.

    • Gregory
      Thank you for visiting my site. I just wanted to make a positive impact on people and make them realize there’s more to life than the 9-5 job.
      The site is still under construction and I have more content to add. You may also visit my financial website at http://www.adviseforwhatmatters.com.

      Thank you again!

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