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This website was created to inform and inspire people on how to create their own online business. I’m sharing my experience and reviews on a few online money making programs to determine whether they are legitimate.


As an online entrepreneur for the past 2 years, I have learned that starting an online business should not be as difficult with the right support and education. It takes a lot of work and dedication to start a business whether it’s online, homebase or a commercial business.


An online business will have the same concept as any other business, if you don’t drive traffic into your store, you will have no sales. An online business requires a product or service  that appeals to an audience and a marketing plan to target your audience.  Whether you are promoting your service, your product or promoting other peoples product (Affiliate Marketing), you are going to have to learn how to do it effectively and cost efficient by educating yourself  as you go with the process.


Most of you don’t have a product of your own to promote, but that should not discourage you to follow your desire to start an online business. Most successful online entrepreneurs create their wealth by promoting other peoples product, Affiliate Marketing. They either get a percentage of the sales or a referral fee for each item that was sold through their site. 


Companies pay a lot of money to get their brand in front of their audience. As an Affiliate Marketer, you are taking the “middle man” out of the equation. Companies can pay a high commission to affiliate, because unlike advertisement, it saves them millions of dollars from advertising on their own. 


Affiliate marketing is a very profitable business opportunity that can be started with little to no money out of your pocket. You have no inventory, no employees, no office space and no overhead cost. You probably would have some expenses on some additional necessary tools like a web server, education material, internet connection, some advertising cost- as you gain more  skills and knowledge.


Please feel free to read some of my reviews I have posted here. If you have anything you would like to share, please leave your comments  on the page corresponding to your comment or comment below.  I’m open to any suggestions and I will address each comment.  Please be honest about your reviews and comments.


After posting your comments, if you have any additional questions, you may email me below.


Much success in the coming year. Happy Holidays!



Best Regards,


Ruben Chez




Affiliate Disclosure: I am grateful to be of service and bring you content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that when you click links and purchase items, in most (not all) cases I will receive a referral commission. Your support in purchasing through these links enables me to keep my design and customization prices ridiculously low and empower more people worldwide to blog with less worry and less hassle. I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands. Thank you! :)

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5 thoughts on “What’s This Website About?

  1. Thanks! Sounds like Affiliate Marketing is the way to make money online without lots of start up costs. I will try more of this next year in 2015. I have my hands full now with a store selling flashlights. I’ve spent thousands of dollars there and have only sold one flashlight!
    You obviously sound like someone who knows what they are talking about. I will be contacting you later after the holidays to see if you can help me do what you are doing.
    Thank you again for reaching out to us in need.
    ps. Merry Christmas

    • Hi Rick

      I’m sorry to hear that. I understand how you feel, I’ve been in the same position you are probably in now. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime. Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. I’ve been with themm for the last year and it’s been the best thing I’ve done for my self. See my review on Wealthy Affiliate on my web page. Shoot me an email and we can speak on the phone. Hope to speak to you soon. Take care.


  2. Hi Ruben
    I think creating an online business is the easy part; anyone can build a website easily enough. However, it is important to be educated about how to go about making what you’ve created, a successful online business. In that respect you want to make sure you have the right help and support to make that a reality especially if you are new to the adventure. Quite a number of people are making money via affiliate marketing, so I think you are onto something here.

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